WebQuest: A Thousand Splendid Suns
In order to develop a deeper understanding of the life choices and social issues presented to the characters in the novel, we must develop an understanding of the land and country they come from.  To do so, investigate the following links and answer the questions below about the history, politics, culture and people of Afghanistan.
Image from worldatlas.com

Political History

Social History: Through the eyes of the media

War in Afghanistan

About Afghanistan WebQuest Questions

1.  What is the name of the “Afghan girl”?

2.  Outline the daily activities of her life

3.  How do the two images of the “Afghan girl” depict the journey of her life? 

4.  Describe the size and location Kabul?

5.  What are the Taliban?

6.  Political powers have great influence over the citizens of a country.  Below list the controlling political party during each year and what some of their beliefs are.  Who is the controlling power of Afghanistan in 1974? 
     ·  In 1992? 

     ·  In 2003?